Home Sweet Home: Home On Rent

Now-a-days people don’t have to buy everything to derive facilities from it. Suppose instead of buying a home one can take it on a lease basis for pre specified duration. Not only a home but there is several other things that need not be purchased as by taking those things on a lease basis will prove to be a much lucrative deal. Today in order to maintain lifestyle people spend thousands and thousands of money within few minutes. Looking at this scenario people derived an alternative by which not only they will have to spend like a spendthrift but also will be able to maintain their lifestyle. Like people can stay in a villa and can experience life in it which they were not able to purchase owing to its high price by staying there for a pre decided period on lease basis.

Short term rentals in Nedlands also termed as leasing is an agreement where one agrees to lease its particular property say home, car, furniture etc to someone for a pre specified period in exchange of money. One thing has to be kept in mind that while leasing any particular thing a contract should be made in an explicit manner in order to avoid future contingencies between both the parties( the one letting giving its particular thing on lease in exchange of money and the other taking that particular thing by providing money).

There are many reasons why many prefer taking things on lease rather than purchasing them. Few of the reasons are:

• Financial insufficiency, means when one is unable to buy a house. They can lease it for some time. .

• If someone doesn’t want to pay full amount of any house in order to get its ownership, they can easily pay an agreed small amount to get ownership for a limited period settled by both.

• When something is needed only temporarily not for always, as in the case of a special tool, a truck for example

• In case of leasing of a house property the tenant need not worry about the maintenance and life span of the house property.

• The idea to take anything on rent is better when the thing is not used by you solely but very much used in sharing.

• When something is needed that may or may not be already owned but is not in proximity for use, such as renting an automobile or bicycle when away on a trip.

Rentals can thus be considered as a better option than purchasing. There are many non real property as well which are available by means of leasing owing to certain terms and conditions, these non real property includes motion pictures on VHS or DVD, transport equipment such as an automobile or a bicycle, ships and boats, large equipments such as cranes etc.

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